Meeting Agenda for June 11th, 2015

Today's meeting day and date are: Thursday, June 11, 2015. WELCOME ALL!

Thank you for attending this evening's meeting. Your time is appreciated and your presence is valued. You're always welcomed. Come again, please! And, if you are able to bring at least one more person with you to the next meeting, or more, that would be just wonderful.

C.O.P.S. sincerely thanks Pastor David Beutel for not only allowing our meetings to take place in his church but also for all of the help, input and support he offers us to aid in our group's quest to better North Tonawanda. Pastor Dave, THANK YOU!


AGENDA for this evening's meeting: gavel to order by cow and frog guy; PASTOR DAVE'S PRAYER @ 7pm;

motion to approve minutes of 5/14/15 meeting; motion to approve treasurer's report;

a BIG "THANK YOU" to all who attended May's C.O.P.S.' meeting; it is MUCH APPRECIATED; thanks for being here tonight;

a plug for CHANT (Community Health Alliance of North Tonawanda); their mission is: "To reduce substance use among youth by empowering our community as we monitor, assess, and contribute to the revitalization of a safe and healthy North Tonawanda." This is a group worthy/deserving of NT citizen support.

Linda Harrington will speak to us about the existence of a former group known as Churches Creating Community and how they were able to communicate with many (if not all) of the churches in North Tonawanda on matters, topics, thoughts, programs, ideas, etc., of relevance to our North Tonawanda citizens. This was a wonderful group, and we at C.O.P.S. would very much like to see a similar group formed, the thinking being that a more informed NT citizenry hopefully will make for a better NT, as they will become better aware of the matters, topics, thoughts, programs, ideas, etc. relevant to NT. THIS IS EXCITING!

Pastor Dave speaks and follows up with more on the above paragraph and what he and his secretary, Marilyn, did regarding the idea stated in the above paragraph; THANKS TO YOU AND TO MARILYN, PASTOR DAVE;

NT Building Inspector Mr. Capozzi speaks to us on issues related to his job/office; questions follow; thank you Mr. Capozzi;

Mike Fisher administers split club drawing;

Police Officer Joseph Cake discusses any issue that he may wish to share with us; other old business/thoughts/updates/new business;