March 12th 2015 Meeting Agenda

Nicole Ennett, of Northpointe Council Inc. will speak to us for about 10 minutes or so on a grant that her group is applying for which would benefit North Tonawanda in regards to substance abuse and related issues. Debby Schnitzer of the YWCA will also attend to speak. We will also discuss ongoing efforts to promote the betterment of our community.

As always, C.O.P.S. sincerely thanks Pastor David Beutel for not only allowing our meetings to take place in his church but also for all of the help, input and support he offers us to aid in our group's quest to better North Tonawanda. Pastor Dave, THANK YOU!

We meet on the second Thursday of most months at 7pm in the basement of Redeemer Lutheran Church, 265 Falconer Street, North Tonawanda, New York.