Meeting Agenda for April 9th, 2015

AGENDA for this evening's meeting: gavel to order by cow and frog guy; PASTOR DAVE'S PRAYER @ 7pm;

motion to approve minutes of 3/12/15 meeting; motion to approve treasurer's report;

Katie Alexander from Shawn Nickerson's office will speak this evening on curfew issues;

Mike Fisher does our split club selling of tickets during "halftime"; drawing at meeting's end; THANK YOU, MIKE;

at least three discussion points in new business: do we: establish Mike Fisher as sergeant at arms?; establish a fiscal year alpha/omega?; establish maximum amount of money spent in the fiscal year?;

other old business/thoughts/updates/new business;

Patricia Brosius, director of Youth, Recreation and Parks in NT, will be at our May 14th C.O.P.S. to speak; bring questions;

We will work on getting a representative from the group Narcotics Anonymous, most likely in June;

C.O.P.S. wants to also have a representative from our NT Police Department speak to our group concerning issues relative to police concerns/problems/community relations/safety, etc. I will work on this starting today: March 13th;