Meeting Agenda for January 12th 2017

AGENDA for this evening's meeting: gavel to order by cow and frog guy at 6:56 pm; PASTOR DAVE'S PRAYER @ 7pm;

motion to approve minutes of 12/8/16 meeting; motion to approve treasurer's report;

Officer Joe speaks; C.O.P.S. thanks Police Officer Joe Cake for all of his time in being our liaison between the N.T.P.D and C.O.P.S.; it's good to have you Joe;

If present, Peggy Buckley &/or Bethany Andrees speak of CHANT (Community Health Alliance of North Tonawanda); their mission is: "To reduce substance use among youth by empowering our community as we monitor, assess, and contribute to the revitalization of a safe and healthy North Tonawanda." This is a group worthy/deserving of NT citizen support.

Old business; new business; money for Carrousel Museum;

Mike Fisher administers split club drawing; THANK YOU MIKE;

Citizens on Patrol (C.O.P.S.) welcomes back to our Citizens on Patrol (C.O.P.S.) meeting:

SUPERINTENDENT GREGORY J. WOYTILA from the North Tonawanda School District. Superintendent Woytila will update us on any new student programs/events/courses/happenings that may be useful for us to know and be aware of as a neighborhood watch group. Superintendent may also be able to help us to recruit students who may need community service hours and how we as a watch group may facilitate the students' involvement. Superintendent may also help facilitate announcements from the North Tonawanda Police Department if the department would like to inform students of any safety issues whatsoever, or to inform the students on any matter at all which may be of concern to the students. We look very much forward to having Superintendent Woytila attend our January meeting. Thank you Superintendent Woytila.
Note on communication: Good communication lubricates the gears of social interaction, oils that mechanism for the advancement of societal improvement and development, facilitating their implementation. Bad communication is its antithesis, the sand that infiltrates that same mechanism, slowing advancement, impeding improvement, stifling development, grinding the gears of social progress to a standstill.

Thanks to all who communicated well with me and returned phone calls promptly; this was greatly appreciated.