Meeting Agenda for May 14th, 2015

Today's meeting day and date are: Thursday, May 14, 2015. WELCOME ALL! TODAY WE MEET UPSTAIRS!!!!!!!

NOTE WELL that this date is the Christian observance of Ascension Thursday and if you are unable to make this meeting because you may be attending a service, we understand.

Thank you for attending this evening's meeting. Your time is appreciated and your presence is valued. You're always welcomed. Come again, please! And, if you are able to bring at least one more person with you to the next meeting, or more, that would be just wonderful.

C.O.P.S. sincerely thanks Pastor David Beutel for not only allowing our meetings to take place in his church but also for all of the help, input and support he offers us to aid in our group's quest to better North Tonawanda. Pastor Dave, THANK YOU!

AGENDA for this evening's meeting: gavel to order by cow and frog guy; PASTOR DAVE'S PRAYER @ 7pm;

motion to approve minutes of 4/9/15 meeting; motion to approve treasurer's report;

Patricia Brosius, director of Youth, Recreation and Parks in NT, will speak this evening; bring questions;

Mike Fisher does our split club selling of tickets during "halftime"; drawing at meeting's end; THANK YOU, MIKE;

in new business: do we: establish Mike Fisher as sergeant at arms?;

definition of "Sergeant at arms" : an executive officer of a legislative or other body, whose duty it is to enforce its commands, preserve order, etc.

other old business/thoughts/updates/new business; National Child Abuse Hotline number: 1 800 422 4453

We will work on getting a representative from the group Narcotics Anonymous, most likely in June;