New Direction for the Group

New NT C.o.P. direction

The North Tonawanda Citizens on Patrol is a group which is focused on the safety and security of our neighborhood, and indeed, our city. This proposal introduces some changes to how the group operates, in order to better facilitate this mission, and focus ourselves on the task of maintaining a safe and aware community. We hope to work closely with the City and the North Tonawanda Police Department to ensure that we are best able to help benefit our community.

We hope to focus this group on neighborhood communication, and awareness. This will be a construct which will focus on existing social media, and our own website forum as tools to help us maintain and build this awareness. The group will be unique, and original. Custom tailored for our community, and our needs.

Online Forum

The online forum will be our main focus and resource for members of the group to communicate and share information between meetings. This would be useful for sharing information on crime, and also for social awareness, and planning.

The forum will also allow Residents to register, and post information in regards to crime and safety issues. News and information will also be published. Registration, memberships and posts will be closely monitored and moderated by volunteers.

The forum can be set up to allow people to post private reports of issues in the community, which may be addressed and viewed by only the original poster, and NT C.o.P. Members. But it can also be set up to allow for the community to discuss issues openly. Or have the option to do both.

We are aware that any online forum or social site may end up becoming saturated with issues of its own, but we trust that through strict moderation, we could maintain a stable community online.

Volunteer Safety Patrols

Introducing Volunteer Safety Patrols, helps us live up to our namesake. Safety Patrols are preformed by volunteer members of the group in a buddy system. This is more of a promotional / information gathering activity, as opposed to an active crime fighting or prevention activity.

Their primary purpose is to reach out to the community and interact with the public. The secondary purpose, is to just be observant and look for issues which may need to be addressed.
During these patrols, vehicles involved will have a 'NT C.o.P. Volunteer Safety Patrol' door magnet attached.

Member Training

Our Volunteers will be encouraged (non-mandatory) to receive training in the areas of Communication, First Aid, CPR, and basic Crisis Services awareness. We will also provide our own training on specific subjects. Training will typically occur separately from Meetings, as needed or desired.

Group (Officer) Meeting

The Officer (or Group) meeting will be a bi-monthly member only meeting, where group politics are discussed. Finances, operations, events, by-laws, and membership. This meeting is separate from Neighborhood Awareness meetings, in order to separate group politics from public meetings. This helps to ensure that public meetings are fully devoted to the community, and communication about current issues.

Neighborhood Awareness Meeting

This monthly meeting will be a meeting for residents of the City of North Tonawanda to express concerns, and discuss topics of safety and crime in the city. Residents will be asked to sign in, and will be called upon in order to bring up their concerns.

Block Leaders and Ward Captains

The idea of Block Leaders and Ward Captains may be brought into play. These positions would be responsible for recruitment and co-ordination within their areas. This is conditional to having people willing to assume the role.